Taking a Look at Counter Strike 1.6

counter strike 1.6 de_dust

Have you ever wondered what Counter Strike was before it got big? Remember CPL and CAL and http://www.hltv.org, the only way to record and stream your game? Counter Strike 1.6, based on Valve’s Half Life engine, offers three basic maps that define style of play in the game. You can play through as an assassination game, bomb hunting or straight out hostage game. No matter which game you decide to take your team into, there are choices to be made. Understanding the basics of the different map types will help you select the game you want to start.

Choosing Terrorist or Counter Strike

The first thing you have to do is choose whether you want to be a terrorist or a member of the counter terrorist team. Once you join a team you will be able to see all of your team member’s stats that will tell you who’s got the bomb, who’s dead and who may be a VIP. Each of these designations is important depending on which map type you are playing. You will not be able to see the information about the other team for obvious reasons.

Bomb Map

The Bomb Maps are the most straightforward to deal with from either side, and is the preferred choice for competitive play. There are designated “hot areas” on the map that the terrorists want to bomb and the counter strike team wants to protect. The game starts with the terrorists racing time to plant a bomb in one of the locations (or several) and then they have to hold off the counter terrorist team until it explodes. If the bomb goes off, the round is over and the terrorists win. The counter strike team is trying to get past the terrorists to defuse the bomb. This map is played in timed rounds. If no bomb successfully detonates, then the counter terrorist team wins. Competitive teams usually play best of 30 rounds per map, where after 15 rounds the teams switch sides.

Hostage Map

This is another timed round in which the terrorists are holding hostages in an undisclosed location. The counter terrorists must locate and rescue the hostages before the time runs out. The only way to recuse the hostages is to kill all of the terrorists. This is map is more of a challenge for the counter terrorist team, but it is considerably smaller than the Bomb Map to make sure that game play stays fast and furious.


This map is a mix of playing bodyguard and a type of capture the flag. One member of the team is designated a VIP. The rest of the team has to safely escort them to a pre-designated location before time runs out in order to win the round. The terrorists will be the ones trying to kill the VIP, and it is up to the counter terrorists to stop them.

What Happens When You Die?

One of the perks of playing Counter Strike as a multi-player game is that if you get killed you are re-spawned as a spectator in the game. That means you can’t be killed again, but you also can’t interfere with the game play. You can stay in communication with your original team and see all the action as it unfolds. This is a brilliant way to handle the issue of team members being removed from play, without also shutting them out of the game. You will also respawn the next round, so you usually won’t have to wait very long to start shooting again.

Bungie’s Destiny Beta is the Biggest Console Beta

destiny beta

Publisher Activision and developer Bungie found that over 4.6 million people have played Destiny Beta! Started on July 17, it just recently ended for players on the PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/One. Just ending on Sunday, a total of 4,638,937 players were accounted for. No other console beta has even come close to this number and so this is a record breaking feat.

Launching in September 9, the developers were astonished to see this many players on the beta. Activision’s already got popular titles like Call of Duty and Skylanders, and they predict Destiny will become their next big franchise. Currently there are no plans to port the game into PCs, but I feel like it would be crucial in expanding the franchise’s reach.